Buying a Bow
Posted In Bows on Monday, April 22nd 2019

Buying a Bow

Northeast Outdoors Experience Staff

Whether you are considering buying your first bow or maybe adding one to your arsenal as a backup, the options available can be a bit overwhelming at first. Modern advances in design and capabilities change regularly making it very difficult to maintain up to date information as to what is going on within the field of archery equipment. What it boils down to generally is learning by example from the wide variety of media and advertising available today. Paying attention to what the professional archers use and why can go a long way towards finding the bow that is perfect for you.

Reading reports and test results on bows in general can give you an overview as to the state of technology available, but when it comes to what those results mean to the average beginner archer, they are merely a starting point in the bow selection process. The advertised descriptions of the bows tend to be geared towards touting impressive arrow speeds and accuracy rather than how each individual model fits a specific archer. No one knows your expectations and abilities better than you, and a visit to your local archery shop to consult with someone who knows the archery business thoroughly can save you a lot of time in the long run.

At the top of the list of considerations in buying a new bow seems to be centered towards the arrow speed it produces, boasting