Lyme Disease Testing
Posted In Lyme Disease on Monday, January 21st 2019

Lyme Disease Testing

Northeast Outdoors Experience Staff

Lyme disease is a potential threat to the lives of outdoor enthusiasts. It is transmitted by the bite of the deer tick in all stages of its development from the larval or nymph stage to adulthood. Testing for the presence of the bacterium by a certified testing facility using approved and accurate tests is absolutely critical to an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of this serious disease. Some facilities have been determined to use tests not yet proven to be 100% accurate in their detection the presence of the infecting bacterium.

Some testing facilities performing tests for B. burgdorferi utilize certain blood and urine tests which have not been sufficiently or professionally recognized as viable methods of testing. The potential for the results of such a determination to be misleading is unacceptable considering the possible implications of a false negative diagnosis.

Currently there are 70 FDA approved tests for the detection of Lyme disease in the US, Canada and Europe. All testing facilities may not use these specific approved tests and could potentially put the patient at risk. All attempts should be made prior to testing to determine the validity of the procedures and an informed decision made as to the acceptability of any results.

Considering the seriousness of misdiagnosis as it relates to Lyme disease, the ultimate responsibility is to the patient in determining if the tests to be performed are approved as well as the results analyzed according to the appropriate guidelines prescribed by the FDA. It is not an option when it comes to your health. It is an absolutely necessity.