Trailer Tech Stuff
Posted In Trailers on Tuesday, July 7th 2020

Trailer Tech Stuff

Northeast Outdoors Experience Staff

The boat trailer is a specialized piece of equipment that has been most likely specifically designed for your boat. Maintaining its condition is imperative not only to the safety of the trailer and your boat, but potentially you. Knowing the parts and what to do for those parts is critical to keeping it in tip top shape.

Boat trailers have electrical systems to power the lights and brakes. These systems originate at a specialized plug that inserts into a receptacle located on the bumper of the towing vehicle. This plug is called the pigtail and transfers the electricity through a set of wires that service the lights and brakes. The wires are organized in a cluster that is passed through the metal frame of the trailer or secured to the side of the frame. Make sure the wires are free from damage or chafing and that the insulation is not cracked or worn.

Trailers designed for boats generally have electrically assisted brakes and sometimes what