Canadian Considerations for Boating
Posted In Safety Requirements on Sunday, September 20th 2020

Canadian Considerations for Boating

Northeast Outdoors Experience Staff

Canada has much more stringent regulations and rules regarding the boating industry than the USA, which considering the statistics concerning accidents per capita between the two countries, may not be such a bad idea. Every year, boating accidents claim lives and cause major injuries mostly because of ignorance or neglect for the boating rules that safe boating depends upon.

Canada requires proof of boating competency before anyone gets behind the wheel of a motorized watercraft. In effect this means that you have to have a license to drive a boat north of the border. While there are exceptions made within strict time limits for US citizens to operate a motorboat in Canada without such a license, motorboats are limited to use only by authorized personnel only and the appropriate documentation is required to stay with the watercraft at all times while under operation.

Operation without the Pleasure Craft Operator