Electric Trolling Motors
Posted In Motor Boats About Motors on Sunday, September 20th 2020

Electric Trolling Motors

Northeast Outdoors Experience Staff

While the task of getting to and from various places on lakes, ponds, rivers and the sea requires a powerful outboard motor, when the time comes to shut the gas-guzzler down and begin fishing, the electric trolling motor begins to shine. They are silent and powerful in their own right and serve a vital purpose for the fisherman.

Electric trolling motors come with a choice in props each designed for different purposes. 2 blade props are best for when unobstructed speed and power are required such as traveling across a lake or pond where no vegetation is present. Multi-blade props are designed to cut their way through heavy vegetation that might otherwise foul or stop the propeller.

Electric trolling motors are available in both 12v and 24v models using marine quality batteries. They provide power at the push of a foot pedal as well as direction by remote control. 24v systems have twice the power and can provide reduced thrust long after the 12v system has gone dead.

Electric trolling motors are an essential for the bass fisherman and for other fishing situations. They are lightweight and simple to operate and can provide hours of silent performance that will put you onto fish-holding water time and time again.