Combi Boots
Posted In Boots on Monday, January 21st 2019

Combi Boots

Northeast Outdoors Experience Staff

Boots for XC skiing have to consider both comfort and how they attach to the binding to provide the skier with performance and the ability to hone his skills. They should fit his foot like a running shoe and be sized with the same socks he will wear while skiing. The boot should be determined for style relative to the type of XC skiing the enthusiast is going to focus on. While skating boots might have great stability factors, they will generally be too stiff for skiing Classical. It is better to perfect your form with a Combi or Classic style boot and then have a pair of racing boots tucked away for when that opportunity presents itself.

Combi boots are rapidly becoming common on the XC circuit. They are hybrids of both the Classic and Skating boot with regards to stiffness and cuff height. They are especially suited to the skier who skis on a budget and wants an all around boot for all around skiing. If you don’t mind waxing a Classic ski and want a comfortable boot to wear with them, the Combi might be the boot for you.

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