3 Clip Shoes to Consider
Posted In Shoes on Tuesday, July 23rd 2019

3 Clip Shoes to Consider

Northeast Outdoors Experience Staff

Clip style biking shoes have holes in the soles that affix to pegs or posts on the bike pedals that effectively clip the shoe to the pedal. This allows the foot to remain in constant contact with the pedal during the entire duration of the revolution of the sprocket. In this way not only can the foot impart drive on the down stroke, but it can also pull up on the back side of the stroke.

One of the better clip style shoes for the entry level competitor is the Shimano R132. This shoe is highly recommended by Bicycling.com and has many features found in the higher priced shoes but for a lower cost. The strap design deserves special recognition for how it reduces the strain on the top of the foot.

One of the next steps up from the R132 would be the Diadora Speed Racer Carbons. This shoe has a carbon sole that is stiffer than most of its competitors which makes them a quite comfortable shoe to wear. These shoes are well suited to the more narrow feet all the way through the wider feet of the racer.

The final clip style shoe to be mentioned is the BG Torch Road shoe. This shoe is available with padded arched inserts that can form fit the foot within the proper size shoe to provide a shoe that gives wrap around comfort. The ability to completely customize this shoe makes it a worthwhile choice for the racer who wants to see what the perfectly fit shoe will do to his performance.

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