Basic Bike Safety Equipment
Posted In Accessories on Tuesday, July 23rd 2019

Basic Bike Safety Equipment

Northeast Outdoors Experience Staff

There are 4 areas to be considered when it comes to basic bicycle safety. Although the different applications of where the bike might be ridden may put more or less emphasis on those areas, basic safety is basic safety and should not be overlooked. The following is a brief examination of their importance.

If you’re going to ride your bike at night a front light is pretty much a foregone conclusion. If you can’t see what’s in front of you, how are you going to ride? Most states have requirements for night riding and an adequate front light is about a basic a rule as there is. The wider the influence of the light, the easier it will be to see beside your bike as well as down the road. A rear marker light only makes sense too for night riding.

A helmet is a wise investment for riders of any age or skill level. Watch a professional bike race and see what every one of them is wearing, regardless of the event. Helmets are a simple way to increase your safety factor while bike riding.

While there is no need to go out and buy aerodynamic latex riding suit to ride your bike down to the local store for a package of Twinkies and an energy drink, your clothing should suit the ride. Pant legs should be tight to not interfere with the chain. For nighttime riding, wear reflective vests or highly visible colors to alert drivers of your presence.

Eye protection is critical for all riders, especially the younger enthusiasts. Branches, bugs and flying road debris can strike the eye and cause serious damage or an accident far too quickly. It seems a small investment to protect such a valuable commodity as your sight.

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