Flat Repairs on the Road
Posted In Accessories on Sunday, July 21st 2019

Flat Repairs on the Road

Northeast Outdoors Experience Staff

Having a flat tire while bicycling is a major inconvenience unless you are prepared for the situation ahead of time and have all of the tools it takes to change or repair the tube with you. A patch kit takes up a very small amount a space and a new tube not much more. Both can save your ride if you have a tire pump attached to your frame.

Removing the tube from the flat tire is a fairly simple procedure and necessary to allow either repair or replacement. An examination of the outside of the tire might reveal a nail or other foreign object in the tire itself and if so the tire should be marked so the place of the hole can be easily found on the tube.

Deflate the tube completely by depressing the valve stem and pressing on the tire until all of the air is released. Break the “bead” or the seal between the rubber and the metal rim of the tire. Carefully take the tip of a flat bladed screwdriver and slide it gently over the rim and underneath the edge of the tire being careful not to pinch the tube to the tire at the same time.

Gently pry the tire edge up over the rim with the screwdriver and then pull the screwdriver towards you carefully using the metal rim as a fulcrum to pry against. When the entire tire has been drawn over the edge of the rim the tube inside will be fully accessible. If the tire had a nail fish the tube out from inside the tire at the point of the puncture and then pull the tube out carefully making sure the valve stem is pushed inside the rim.

In the event the tube was merely punctured, use the repair kit to patch the tire as per the kit’s instructions. If the tube is damaged beyond repair, replace the tube with the new one. Align the valve stem with the hole and the rim and make sure the tube has no twists to it and sits evenly inside the rim and tire. Press by hand as much of the tube back over the edge of the rim back into position. Replace the cap on the valve stem to keep it from falling inside the tire. Carefully pry the tire completely back over the rim with the screwdriver. Use the pump to inflate the tire and you are ready to go.

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