Cycling Benefits
Posted In Energy Supplements on Monday, July 22nd 2019

Cycling Benefits

Northeast Outdoors Experience Staff

Cycling is one of those activities that is generally considered more as fun than it is seen as being “exercise”. But regardless of whether it is racing, touring, mountain biking or just riding down to the store, there will always be a degree of exercise inherent whenever you pedal your two wheels along. Some cycling will be definitely more intense and effort-conscious, but every style of riding will have benefits that often are overlooked. As part of a healthy diet and exercise program, cycling can fill in some gaps for any athlete or just as a part of general fitness.

As a cardio exercise, cycling not only can provide a higher level of cardiovascular fitness, but studies have shown that when included in an exercise program, it also can cause a decrease of risk for coronary heart disease.

Muscles can also reap the benefits of cycling. As one of the lower-impact forms of exercise, cycling is an excellent way to build and tone muscles. As distances increase with cycling, the buttocks, thighs and calves are constantly engaged which strengthens and keeps them stimulated providing a toning effect few other exercises can duplicate with such ease and minimal exertion. The very low impact of cycling makes it the perfect exercise for anyone who has debilitating joint conditions or other leg injuries which otherwise might prevent physical activity.

We are a waistline-conscious culture for whom the word “exercise” causes twinges of panic and refusal. When done at a pace that exceeds a casual pedal down the road, cycling can burn a lot of calories and calories translate into weight gain. Cycling also has been shown to increase metabolism even after the ride is over and that is easy weight loss in anyone’s book.

Research has indicated that not only is cycling great for lowering weight and toning muscles, but that it also can add years to your life. Even when cycle-related accidents are factored into the equation, people who ride bikes tend to live longer.

For those who take up cycling rather than some other activity that requires a measure of dexterity to succeed, cycling is a great way to improve coordination. Pedaling with your feet and steering with your hands while balancing your body weight is a good way to coordinate your body’s function without really even having to think about it.

There is almost a euphoria associated with cycling, especially for long distances under more relaxed conditions in the country or through the suburbs. It has been shown that biking can actually improve the individual’s mental health when used as a regular outdoor activity.

And lastly, if not most importantly, recent studies have shown that not only is cycling good for you today, but the benefits down the road could be potentially even greater. Cycling has been determined to be of great benefit to the body’s immune system and very well could decrease your chances of getting certain types of cancers.

The combination of cycling’s physical and emotional benefits are readily apparent. Considering the relatively inexpensive investment a bicycle requires and the amount of energy it takes to wheel out your driveway and down the road, it’s almost hard to imagine a more beneficial and enjoyable way to exercise.


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