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Hiking is a walking activity that is conducted on trails, roads, paths and even across natural terrain whereas the enthusiast walks along a course towards a destination. It is a year-round endeavor that can include all types of terrain and is considered excellent exercise both aerobically and physically. Hiking is often done with backpacks and Spartan camping gear with hand held GPS navigational devices. It can be one of the least expensive outdoor activities to engage in.

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Posted In Trails - New England on Saturday, December 14th 2019
The state of New Hampshire has 48 mountains that surpass the 4000 ft in elevation mark.
Posted In Trails - New England on Friday, December 13th 2019
Posted In Trails - New England on Wednesday, December 11th 2019
As a Granite State native, I was reminded today of something that is as symbolic of New England as might be the mountains or lakes.