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Skiing is a sport that is accomplished on long thin boards or facsimiles made from other materials that are attached to the feet for locomotion on the snow. It is accomplished on steep inclines (downhill or alpine), flat ground (cross country) or in the performance of stunts or tricks (freestyle). The skis are waxed to make them slippery for alpine and freestyle skiing and to grip the snow in cross country to provide thrust. The skier will often use hand held “poles” to assist with balance and thrust during the activity. Skiing can be done on commercially maintained slopes or trails as well as unmarked natural snow.

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There are several types of bindings to consider when it comes to XC skiing.

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Posted In Bindings on Monday, October 22nd 2018
Biostance is a company that was founded in 2005 whose intent was to focus on the needs of the skier for comfort, control and confidence in their boots and bindings.
Posted In Bindings on Sunday, October 21st 2018
There are several types of bindings to consider when it comes to XC skiing.
Posted In Bindings on Saturday, October 20th 2018
Whenever you consider buying cross country skis, do yourself a favor and buy the boots and binding at the same time to make sure they fit each other.
Posted In Bindings on Friday, October 19th 2018
Nordic bindings have seen their share of development and refinement through the years
Posted In Bindings on Thursday, October 18th 2018
Riskprotect has designed a XC binding that takes the hassle out of constantly adjusting your bindings according to the ups and downs of the hills.