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The Northeast Outdoor Experience is a website created by field vetted experts to encourage families to get outdoors. We believe that everyone’s outdoor experiences provide valuable insight and knowledge for others, regardless of the venue or the level of expertise. Sharing these experiences allows everyone the opportunity to learn much of what the Northeast Outdoors offers. The outdoors is inspirational for us and we hope it will be for you as well.

Clark Corson

Clark CorsonNEOX is a dynamic online living concept and the lifelong ambition of its founder, Clark Corson. Clark, a New Hampshire native, attended U.N.H. where he majored in Forestry and Wildlife Management , played varsity football, was elected President of Kappa Sigma fraternity, and then served his country in Vietnam from 1968-1969. After a 3 year stint with NH State Police, he settled in as the lobbyist and Executive Director for the Beverage Distributors of New Hampshire (beer distributors) in addition to representing numerous other highly government regulated industries. In 2012 and after 43 years of appearing before state legislatures and the U.S. Congress, he elected to start yet another career dedicating his life's dream to helping others become involved in the kingdom of the great outdoors.
The eldest son of a distinguished father who served eight years as Director of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, he learned how to repair snowshoes, tie flies, train bird dogs, and call in turkeys and just about everything else in-between. Clark inspires those who meet him and is always eager to share his experiences with anyone willing to listen.

Jerry Allen

Jerry Allen Jerry grew up west of Boston as the landscape changed from rural to suburban, so to escape he moved to northern New England and worked as a logger. Spending almost all his time in the woods, he developed a love for bird hunting, gun dogs, and side-by-side shotguns. Eventually Jerry moved back to his home town, where he planned to help run a family business, but the bustling community felt so different from the sleepy one he remembered that he felt like a fish out of water. To fill free time he took up sailing, and in the late eighties sailed to the Caribbean and called it home for ten years, working as a yacht carpenter. It was then that he began a part-time writing career and after penning three novels he still finds time to write for the Ruffed Grouse Society of America. Jerry’s strong New England roots called him back again and he threw out the anchor on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, where he built a cabinetmaking and boat carpentry shop. Since then he’s have been traipsing his old grouse and woodcock haunts throughout the Northeast every chance that he gets, accompanied with two German Wirehaired Pointers. Jerry is a field vetted grouse expert and NEOX is delighted to have him as one of our distinguished consultants.

Dennis Swett

Dennis Swett Dennis retired from a “conventional” job and began a writing career in 2012 as an aspiring author. His life is focused in four main areas: 1. Versatile Hunting Dogs, 2. Writing “The Pudelpointer Chronicles” , 3. Publishing “Cameron Cassidy” stories and 4. He plays bass guitar in a Laconia Area “basement band”.
In the spring and summer, he’s often seen at NAVHDA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association) events and serves as the newsletter editor for the Merrimack Valley Chapter. He hikes back trails with K-Lee in the summer looking for new coverts, and on calm spring and summer mornings, you may see K-Lee with Dennis fishing some remote body of water as the sun is coming up. His fly fishing preference is smallmouth bass with a small popper—though he’s not above taking a rainbow from time to time. Don’t bother to look for him from October 1st until December 31st. He’s often at “Cassidy’s camp” in the Great North Woods or bird hunting with K-Lee his Pudelpointer and carefully selected individuals.
Dennis is a Contributing Editor to Northeast Outdoor Experience.

Kenneth Kreis, Sr.

Ken Kreis Sr. Kenneth Kreis Sr. is an avid sportsman, a well renowned bow-hunter and a passionate spokesperson for numerous outdoor affiliates and organizations, many of which he has pioneered. In addition to owning and operating Capitol Copy Inc. in Concord, Ken found time to serve as a member of the House of Representatives. He is a past President of the New Hampshire Wildlife Federation where he is still active along with participating in the Sunset Mountain Fish and Game Club, the NH Safari Club, the NH Chapter of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, the Merrimack Sportsmen's Coalition, and the New England Outdoors Writers Association. Ken is an essential founding member of the Bowhunters Wildlife Management Association of New Hampshire (BWMANH) which is a highly unique group that assists in preventing deer over-population on selected islands in Lake Winnipesaukee. Ken is also currently a Pro-Staff member for Mossy Oak, Remington, Browning, Harrington & Richardson, and Wild Cheff. He finds time to volunteer as a bow-hunter education instructor for the NH Fish and Game Department and the National Bow-Hunter Education Foundation, and currently serves as a NH Local Field Director for US Sportsmen’s Alliance (USSA). He positively and directly impacts the future of the outdoors families by instilling crucial values and skills for future generations. Ken's impact on the current and future state of the northeast outdoors cannot be overstated. You can check out his profile and his blog: CapitolKen Blog.

Hans Larsson

Hans Larsson Hans was born and raised in New Hampshire in a rural town that allowed easy access to the many activities that the White Mountains and the Lakes Region offer. He was a camper from a young age, tent and primitive camping from Campbell Cove, Prince Edward Island to Sunshine Key, Florida. He sharpened his outdoors skills as Boy Scout. He also participated with his family in the re-enactments of the American Revolution during the U.S. Bicentennial, learning eighteenth-century camping and cooking techniques. His favorite activities include camping, canoeing, photography, and the shooting sports. He received a bachelor's degree from the University of Phoenix and a Masters from Norwich University. In addition to New Hampshire, he has lived in Florida and Georgia. Some of Hans' best outdoor memories are hiking up Mount Washington as a teen and staying overnight in the Lakes of the Clouds hut, and December camping at Washington's crossing of the Delaware River in 1776-style tents.

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