Boats for Bass

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Bass fishing is a specialized business. There is probably more known and learned about the largemouth and smallmouth bass than any other species. Just watch a few days of fishing shows on TV and see what the topics tend to be centered around. The bass is a popular species because of its ability to live in areas readily accessible to almost any average fisherman within a few minutes of his house. That is, if he has a boat to get him to where the bass live and feed.

Bass boats come with a similar configuration even between manufacturers. Their design has come from years of input from the professionals who use them on a daily basis. Ergonomically set up to meet the needs of two fishermen focused on one thing, catching bass, these boats are packed with features that the average fisherman will love. From stem to stern these boats come standard with features that make bass fishing pure joy for anyone.

The typical bass boat is a 2 stage boat. The first stage is the raised front deck with a swivel seat and access to an electric trolling motor to ease the boat through likely bass habitat. The deck will have accommodations for fishing gear and ample room for the fisherman to move around ahead of the center console.

The second stage behind the console is packed with goodies to make bass fishing easier. Electronic fish finders and navigational equipment, 2 way marine radios and ample storage space keep things tidy and ship-shape in the sunken carpeted rear area. The steering wheel directs the powerful outboard motor or motors to get the fisherman to the general fishing sites at high rates of speed. Live wells and ample bench seating make the rear of the boat often the hub of activity as the bass are enticed into action.

The hull design is usually a stable semi-V configuration molded out of fiberglass for a smooth, quiet ride at high speed in all but the roughest weather conditions. Their wide berth provides the ultimate of stability and comfort as the fishermen make their way back and forth across the decks with complete confidence. These boats are designed for the ultimate bass fishing experience under a variety of conditions and expectations.

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