Desert Mountain Mfg. Bench Master

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For those looking for a decent bench rest setup that can not only be set up at a range but also be brought along for using in a pickup bed or across the hood of the vehicle for some varmints, the Bench Master might very well be what you’re looking for. This handy rest weighs in at 8# which is a bit on the light side for eliminating recoil altogether. But with a few sandbags across the feet and a steady shot placement, this rest might be a welcomed addition to your arsenal.

Desert Mountain Mfg. has designed this rest and its Bench Mark model to suit the occasional shooters needs with truly portable and usable bench rests. According to their website, the Bench Master can absorb a couple hundred rounds with a .338 without a flinch of pain or notice of recoil. That is a tall order to fill and could very well be true but you’ll have to try it for yourself. Personally, just thinking about 200 rounds from a .338 has my shoulder moving to Tahiti for some R&R. But it is well worth trying out even if it’s short by 50 rounds or so.

As with all portable gun rests, if they reduce recoil by 50%, that in itself should be a pleasant reward. Having the steadiness for a long shot from a host of different locations is a huge advantage regardless of the recoil. Two sandbags in the back of the truck or in the trunk of your car seem like a small price to pay to have bench rest security wherever you go.

The Bench Mark rest is a folding rest for easier portability and will cost around $20 less than the Bench Master which will run around $130, sometimes a bit cheaper. They are both excellent choices for the shooter who is looking for a rest that has excellent features and the convenience of not a lot of weight to have to carry around. To view these products go to

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