Kick Killer Recoil Pads

Get Outdoors Knowledge Outfitting Staff

Sometimes a slip over recoil pad is a necessity for a box or two of ammunition through a heavy-recoil weapon on Saturday and then plan on shooting a few hundred clays on Sunday. If neither has recoil protection, having a slip on pad such as the Kick Killer Leather Slip-On Recoil Pad can be just the solution. These pads can slip easily on and off most butt stocks and be used on multiple weapons.

Kick Killer Recoil Pads add ½” length to the butt of the weapon which results in a minimal amount of effect on your shooting performance. They can be secured by either Velcro straps or by laces. The laces are time consuming and probably will not be used for a quick transfer to another firearm, but the security of the fit is much tighter, especially if you are going to keep the pad on the firearm for good.

These great pads are available in Large, Medium, Small and Extra Small and retail for about $30. They are available from Cabela’s for those of you who tend to shop that way. They also can be found at

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