Snowmobile Sleds and Sleighs

Northeast Outdoors Experience Staff

Snowmobiles are generally thought of as machines that can take on any terrain at high rates of speed. Another capability that is not always considered is that of the workhorse that is used by hunters, trappers, fishermen or simply around the farm gathering firewood during the winter. Towing a sled or sleigh behind the machine can turn the “pleasure” machine into a workhorse that can open up a world of possibilities for the outdoor enthusiast.

Sleds and sleighs are available in several types and styles that are enclosed or open as well as utility and passenger models for a variety of purposes. The greater the weight that will be hauled the more powerful the machine should be, especially if it is through deep snow and the uneven terrain of a woods setting.

Tow hitches are made to fit most snow machines and can be used with any sled or sleigh type. As the weight of the sled increases, the hitch should strengthen in its construction also. For sleds that are of open top construction, consider getting a suitable cover to keep the snow and ice from the track getting into it and soaking the contents. Sleds can be as simple as a plastic sled to carry ice fishing gear or elaborate sleighs with full seating and weather-tight covers with windows. The possibilities are endless. To see what is available in the sled/sleigh line go to

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