Maintaining Archery Performance
Posted In Bows on Thursday, May 19th 2022

Maintaining Archery Performance

Northeast Outdoors Experience Staff


Keeping a compound bow and its accessories functioning at peak levels are critical to the overall performance of the equipment under a wide variety of situations and conditions. The following checklist is but a brief reminder that how well you shoot has a direct relationship to how predictably your set-up works. It is by no means complete, but should inspire a thorough examination of all the components you use to ensure that when that shot of a lifetime presents itself, you will be ready with deadly accuracy securely in your hands.

At the top of the list are the axles of the cams and wheels. Make sure that they are lubricated with a Teflon or synthetic lubricant to avoid the collection of dust and debris. Do not use WD-40 as it will attract foreign matter and possibly impair the function of the cams and or wheels. This inspection and lubrication should be done at least once a year with periodic checks during the seasons to ensure that they are clean and functioning at peak performance.

Secondly, pay attention to your arrow nocks. Nock failure can lead to a dry fire situation which will lead to serious issues with your bow including your safety. Check for even the smallest irregularities of every nock on every arrow in your quiver. At any sign of damage, replace the nock.

Keep your bow in a controlled environment as much as possible and contained in a bow case to provide an additional level of protection. Concentrated heat can affect the bow