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Camping is an activity that takes place outdoors and generally involves spending periods of time in tents, recreational vehicles or camping trailers. Cooking is generally done on campfires or propane stoves and sleeping is often in sleeping bags. All equipment and food is “packed” in to and out of the camping site for the camper’s convenience.

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Posted In Locations on Monday, May 17th 2021
Camping in New York can be an experience that ranges from wilderness situations to more organized and amenity-filled opportunities that will fit the needs of any family.
Posted In Locations on Monday, May 17th 2021
Posted In Locations on Sunday, May 16th 2021
Camping and paddling, whether canoeing, kayaking or rafting, go together like bread and butter.
Posted In Locations on Saturday, May 15th 2021
Before you know it summer will be here and that means vacations, at least for the kids.